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Renée has spent over ten years training and working as a psychologist within educational, health and community settings, providing evidence-based treatment to individuals and groups.  

Renée has an interest in mental health promotion. As part of her PhD at the University of Queensland, she created The HOLLY Program, a suicide prevention training program for faith-based organisations.

Renée has worked with researchers at the University of Melbourne to develop an online parenting intervention for adolescent alcohol misuse, and also contributed to The Adolescent Development Study. 


Her research has been published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, Advances in Mental Health, Spirituality in Clinical Practice, and Australasian Psychiatry.

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Renée enjoys speaking about mental health, and has delivered talks and training to a diversity of audiences within Australia.


She is the co-creator of Inside The Performer's Mind, a podcast exploring mental health within the performing arts industry. ​

Renée believes mental health expertise can add value to a broad range of industries. She has provided consultancy to local and international companies, including Dunham and Company, Reserve Entertainment, Happy Families, and Al Taylor for Kids.​

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